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Implant Design

Treatment Planning

  • Help with Diagnosis:
    1. Crown Lengthening
    2. Occlusal Plane
    3. Hopeless Teeth
  • Evaluate the Psychologic Profile of the Patient
  • Denture Before Implant Surgery
  • Improve Soft Tissues Before Final Impression for Implant Overdentures
  • Postoperative to Implant Surgery
  • Evaluate Occlusal Vertical Dimension
  • Evaluate Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
  • Evaluate Hygienic Contours of Fixed Restorations
  • Determine Whether Removable Restoration is Required for Maxillary Lip Support (RP vs. FP)
  • Protect Bone Graft or Implants During Healing
  • Patient’s Financial and Compliance Management
  • Progressive Bone Loading
  • Phonetics and Esthetics for Full Arch Implant—Fixed Prosthetics on Complete Edentulous Patients

Immediate vs Non-Immediate Loading