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SpiralGuide : Implant Planning Software

Why SpiralGuide?

Automatic HIPAA Compliance

You decide which users have access to each patient’s data. For protection of patient data, all uploaded content is encrypted during transmission and rest on SpiralTech servers.

One-Click Export for 3D Printer or Lab

SpiralTech uses advanced API technology to integrate with medical printing laboratories so that you can easily export your surgical template, or print it via your in-office 3D printer

Cutting-Edge 3D Imaging Technologies

Based on WebGL and deployed on Amazon Web Services, SpiralTech uses parallel computing to render 3D models for maximum performance.

Secure, Redundant Off-Site Backups

          As a cloud-based system, all data uploaded to the SpiralTech platform is backed up securely without any effort from users

Real-Time Collaboration with Colleagues

           SpiralTech cases can be shared with another clinician in your practice. That individual can then log into the system, and you can simultaneously work on placing implants on the same 3D model.

New Features & Updates

          Other dental implant planning platforms release upgrades on an annual or semi-annual basis. SpiralTech constantly releases upgrades based on user feedback and as new technologies become available.