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Our Company

Founded in 2012, SpiralTech was created to fill a void in the world of dental implants by providing simplified treatment; paired with the best technologies and service.
We strive to provide innovative designs, along with the necessary education and service, to doctors of all experience levels. Ultimately, we desire to enhance the doctor and patient experience. The ESi Implant product line is the first step in what we see as a continuous journey towards clinical excellence.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to deliver innovative dental implant technology, coupled with an industry-best service team, at an affordable price. As we are committed to continuous research and development, SpiralTech aims to optimize the treatment process, allowing state-of-the-art care to be shared and taught globally.

The SpiralTech Core Values

We pledge to all those involved with our work...

A continuous provision to out doctors and patients of the highest quality products, and always putting the long term health and safety of our patients above all else.

Constantly striving to provide an unrivaled level of customer service, innovation and progressive effort to move dental technology forward.

Not only do we further the reach of accessible, modern dental care globally- it is with devotion, time and resources that we dedicate ourselves to the educational advancement of dentists and surgeons.

Forever maintaining  leadership within the administrative and service teams to upload the highest professional and ethical standards.

We go forth to affect, with maximum effort, all aspects of our company's operations to ensure long term success and support our employees in attaining dependable, worthwhile and personally- fulfilling careers.

And... we never stop asking, "How can we do better?"

Research and Development

SpiralTech designs improve the shared experience of doctors with their patients. Innovation is the heart of SpiralTech. We aim to lead the industry with an engineering team that spans three continents and constantly strives to improve our processes, technology and systems through quality management and product development. We utilize the highest standards and best practices to treat patients and refine the doctors experience.


At SpiralTech, we believe contemporary implant therapy should be streamlined and include tools of intuitive design. Thus, we have developed advanced instruments that simplify the implant surgical process — a welcome change for all surgeons. Our products offer features like drill sequences printed on the trays, universal depth stops and industry standard user-friendly packaging. SpiralTech implants save time and help to maxmize efficiency.

Materials and Production

SpiralTech solutions are produced in world class facilities with the highest quality materials. Titanium based products make use of premium grade titanium alloy forged and surface treated in the United States. Precision drilling systems are produced in Germany. Along with key components from the United States are also integrated into SpiralTech implant solutions.
SpiralTech Solutions are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Quality Control

From milling to in-office delivery, SpiralTech’s quality control systems and protocols ensure only tested and verified products are shipped to your office. At the time of milling, automated systems ensure exact dimensional standards are met. During surface treatment, only approved clean room environments are used and implants are micro-inspected.
From order placement to delivery, all purchases are tracked and evaluated for accuracy; using timely delivery with advanced supply chain systems. After implant placement, SpiralTech provides case management for safety monitoring and tracking of long-term success.
Among SpiralTech’s registrations are its FDA 510K, an ISO 13485:2016 With MDSAP, EU MDD 93/42/EEC (CE Mark) and Health Canada.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 13485:2016 and FDA QSR 820 compliant.

Quality Certifications

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