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Immediate Denture Connection

Connecting Immediate Denture

Technique 1

  • Place healing abutment into multi-unit
  • Prepare denture to fit properly above healing cap and confirm occlusion.
  • Place rubber dam between denture and gum.
  • Place acrylic in denture healing cap opening for tight fit.
  • Position denture precisely above healing cap and confirm occlusion prior to acrylic hardening.
  • Remove rubber dam.

Technique 2

  • Place titanium sleeve with the help of multi-unit screw into the multi-unit abutment.
  • Place rubber dam above the gingival tissue.
  • Make hole in the denture so all titanium sleeves can go through denture.
  • Place cold cure acrylic in denture implant opening and insert denture to multi-unit titanium sleeve. Confirm proper position before acrylic sets.
  • Cut the titanium sleeves.
  • Cut and remove rubber dam.
  • Put cotton roll in the titanium sleeve to protect screw from acrylic.
  • Place the composite in all openings and confirm occlusion.