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Initial Appointments

  • Medical and Dental History
  • Dental Evaluation and X-ray Examinations
  • Diagnostics Casts
  • Preliminary Discussion of Treatment Alternatives
  • Clinical / Laboratory Procedure Prior to Additional Diagnostic Records
  • Diagnostic Wax-up of Final Results on Duplicate Diagnostic Casts
  • Final Treatment Plan and Alternatives
  • Medical Laboratory Tests Evaluated
  • Prescriptions and Postoperative Instructions
  • Consent Forms and Request for Treatment Forms
  • Pictures of Existing Condition
  • Extra Office Diagnostic Orders Setup, Computed Tomography Scans, Tests for Medical Evaluation, Consultation, and Team Members

Treatment Planning

  • Diagnose patient with radiograph. Take Aliginate Impression and Study Model to take record of upper and lower jaw
  • Diagnosis of the needed reconstructed area:
    1. Bone Type
    2. Bone Width
    3. Bone Height (from Sinus floor or Inferior Alveolar Nerve to Crestal area of the bone)
    4. Decide on immediate or non-immediate loading and follow the chart, make sure to distance your implant 1.5mm away from Alveolar Nerve or Sinus Floor