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SpiralTech’s freeze-dried cortical bone maintains all the growth factors, proteins, and minerals that are related to promoting new bone formation. Since cortical bone is much denser and harder compared to cancellous bone, its mechanical strength provides excellent structural maintenance. CortiOss can be rehydrated with patient’s blood or saline solution and is provided in a specially designed syringe or vial container for user’s convenience.

Type Particle Size Size Catalog #
Powder 200-850μm 0.25cc SOP025
    0.5cc SOP050
    1.0cc SOP100
    2.0cc SOP200
Type Particle Size Size Catalog No.
Chip 850-1500μm 0.25cc SOC025
    0.5cc SOC050
    1.0cc SOC100
    2.0cc SOC200