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ESi™ Implant

Placement of the Essential Spectrum Implant is intuitive and fast.

The ESi implant is versatile and can be used in most clinical situations.

The ESi has advanced features found on no other implant, for example, Bone Lock Technology™ that creates bone growth zones (see #5 fossa) supporting greater blood flow that accelerates osseointegration.

The self-tapping threads also allow for retracting and repositioning to the desired location. Great for beginning and experienced surgeons alike.

Diameter (mm) Length(mm) Hex Catalog # Conical SP Catalog #
3.0 10.0 - ESiC30010
  11.5 - ESiC30011
  13.0 - ESiC30013
  15.0 - ESiC30015
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Hex Catalog # Conical NP Catalog #
3.5 8.0 ESi35008 ESiC35008
  10.0 ESi35010 ESiC35010
  11.5 ESi35011 ESiC35011
  13.0 ESi35013 ESiC35013
  15.0 ESi35015 ESiC35015
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Hex Catalog # Conical RP Catalog #
4.3 6.0 ESi43006 ESiC43006
  8.0 ESi43008 ESiC43008
  10.0 ESi43010 ESiC43010
  11.5 ESi43011 ESiC43011
  13.0 ESi43013 ESiC43013
  15.0 ESi43015 ESiC43015
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Hex Catalog No. Conical RP Catalog No.
5.0 6.0 ESi50006 ESiC50006
  8.0 ESi50008 ESiC50008
  10.0 ESi50010 ESiC50010
  11.5 ESi50011 ESiC50011
  13.0 ESi50013 ESiC50013
  15.0 ESi50015 ESiC50015
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Hex Catalog No. Conical RP Catalog No.
6.0 6.0 ESi60006 ESiC60006
  8.0 ESi60008 ESiC60008
  10.0 ESi60010 ESiC60010
  11.5 ESi60011 ESiC60011
  13.0 ESi60013 ESiC60013
  15.0 ESi60015 ESiC60015

1. Precision-fit internal connection, available in conical or hex
2. Platform switching design
3. Crestal micro-grooves for enhanced bone maintenance
4. Rounded threads located in middle third reduce potential implant internal bone pressure
5. Stress-reduction and bone growth zones, or fossa, that are at the core of the ESi Bone Lock Technology™
6. Self-tapping apical threads are knife-edged to improve implant penetration