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Impression Option

Impression Taking Preparation

  • Confirm proper Multi-Unit position, especially in the angled implant. Make sure that angled multi-unit height is directly at the distal area and connecting screw opening is in a vertical direction.
  • Screw closed tray transfer to the Multi-Unit. Tighten up to 35Ncm.

Closed Tray Impression Option

  • Snap the plastic impression transfer into the closed tray transfer
  • Screw closed tray transfer and engage it tightly to the multi-unit abutment
  • Snap the plastic impression transfer into the closed tray transfer. Make sure to confirm the snap step by applying firm vertical pressure.
  • Select a proper tray.
  • Inject impression material around plastic transfer. Place putty in impression material into the impression tray and take records of multi-unit.
  • Take record carefully and confirm that impression is fully set.
  • Snap out impression from its abutment.
  • Remove closed tray transfer from multi-units and connect to the lab analog.
  • Place lab analog back precisely in plastic impression transfer.
  • Give it to lab.