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Welcome to Spiraltech Dental Implants, Inc.

Founded in 2012, SpiralTech was created to fill a void in the world of dental implants by providing simplified treatment; paired with the best technologies and service. We strive to provide innovative designs, along with the necessary education and service, to doctors of all experience levels. Ultimately, we desire to enhance the doctor and patient experience. The ESi Implant product line is the first step in what we see as a continuous journey towards clinical excellence.

  • Innovative Technology

    Our mission is to deliver innovative dental implant technology, coupled with an industry-best service team, at an affordable price. As we are committed to continuous research and development, SpiralTech aims to optimize the treatment process, allowing state- of-the-art care to be shared and taught globally.

  • Engineered by Dentists

    Our products are engineered by dentists – for dentists, closing the gap between technical specifications and execution and true-to-practice application is the unique edge.

  • Quality, Not Compromise

    SpiralTech solutions are produced in world-class facilities with high quality materials. Premium grade titanium alloy forged and surface treated in the United States; and our precision drilling systems are produced in Germany.